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How Lamb Farms Grows Profits & Efficiency With 4R Nutrient Management

For Janette Veazey-Post a New York farmer and one of the owners/operators at Lamb Farms, sustainability is a driving force behind their success. In fact, she attributes their desire to reuse, repurpose and do more with less to helping them become more efficient and profitable each year.

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What Can Strip-Till Do For You?

The benefits of converting to strip-tillage farming tillage practices have been around since the dawn of agriculture, but following the Dust Bowl of the 1930s, the practices of turning the soil has changed. The federal government created the Soil Conservation Service to promote proper soil management practices.

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Give Your Season An Edge With The New SoilWarrior® Edge™

On March 04, 2021 Leave a comment

The SoilWarrior® Edge™ combines the durability, versatility and nutrient placement of a SoilWarrior with a tractor-mounted three-point system designed for primary tillage and zone freshening.

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Once a SoilWarrior Owner, Always a SoilWarrior Owner

From the time the idea of the SoilWarrior came to life, Environmental Tillage Systems have done their best to revolutionize their production to meet the needs of their owners and operators. Since ETS began in 2004, the company and its products have pursued a progressive path to meet the current needs of their clients and lead the industry towards the future of strip-tillage.

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Kevin’s Keen Eye for Fall Strip-Till

Kevin Kuehn is no stranger to the SoilWarrior. He is a sixteen-year veteran in service and product support with ETS. Kevin brings a passion for agriculture and a drive for defending the land and leading the charge to his current role as a regional sales manager every day. That passion has given him a keen eye when it comes to strip-tilling with the SoilWarrior. Here are Kevin’s secrets to a successful fall strip-till season.   

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Saving With the SoilWarrior®: Improve Fertilizer Efficiency & Your Bottom Line

On August 27, 2020 Leave a comment

With return on investment top of mind for many growers, RTK, tissue sampling, VRT and other precision technologies are becoming essential for running a profitable business. These tools can help improve input efficiency and identify areas to cut costs. The tricky part can be saving money without sacrificing yields.

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Transition to Strip-Till: CADA Farms - Missouri

A brother and father team from Central Missouri start a path for others to start using strip-till in Missouri. The Kliethermeses, CADA Farms, grow primarily corn and soybeans; and have been incorporating cover crops into their system for over seven years. As independent turkey producers, they have integrated a feed mill into their farming operation. A crop acreage challenge for them is their terraced ground which means erosion is a larger concern. They have been able to use turkey manure from their farm as a fertilizer source for many years. Soil tests show that the crops need certain nutrients in addition to the manure fertilizer.  

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SoilWarrior: No need to have it all, to have it all.

Adding a SoilWarrior to your operation is a beneficial move. For two Minnesota Farmers, they decided to make the change to strip-tillage in an unconventional way. Both Justin Krell and Mike Trom dreamt of adding a SoilWarrior to each of their farming operations, but they weren’t sure how that wish would come true.

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What's there to know about the SWICM?

The SoilWarrior ISOBUS Control Module, or SWICM for short, is beneficial to strip-tillage because it is a key factor in two  of the 4R’s, which are Right Rate and Right Place. With a properly calibrated machine, a grower can apply up to five different products at their Right Rate. In combination with a tractor’s GPS, display, and prescription maps, the SWICM is capable of variable rating multiple products at the Right Rate and in the Right Place. Along with the rate controlling capabilities, the SWICM has built-in features that reduce the number of components installed in the cab, creating less cab clutter for a better operating experience.

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The Easiest Way to Switch to Strip-Till

The word change can be scary.  Adjusting your farming operation takes months of careful consideration and research. After all, the average farmer only has the opportunity to plant and harvest a crop fifty times or less during their lifetime. One wrong decision could impact an operation for years to come.

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