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Step Up to the Future of Farming With Soil Warrior

Whether you’re considering strip-tillage, or you’ve already experienced its benefits, SoilWarrior should be at the top of your list. The SoilWarrior is built tough enough to handle the heaviest soils and crop residue, prepares perfectly tilled 8 to 12-inch wide zones, variable rates nutrients and blends them evenly throughout the zone at speeds of up to 10 miles per hour. It’s the most productive and durable precision tillage system on the market.

Our products set the standard for in-field performance and ease of use. Each purchase comes with set-up and training to get you running in the field. When you’re ready to adopt a new tillage practice or upgrade equipment, the SoilWarrior is a great way to bring the future to your farm.


Boost Yield Potential & Improve ROI

According to a 30+ year tillage study conducted by Dr. Tony Vyn at Purdue University, strip-till holds its own when it comes to yields. It can produce yield gains over no-till and is comparable with conventional tillage methods. While boosting yield potential is great, a strong return on investment is the real reason many farmers choose the SoilWarrior.

Those who switch from conventional tillage see additional benefits due to fewer passes across the field. These include reduced tractor hours, fuel savings and decreased labor. Many note improvements in soil health, erosion control and better water infiltration which allows them to get in the field faster.

Our former no-till customers have experienced more uniform emergence, a warmer seedbed and improved nutrient efficiency since fertilizer is placed precisely in tilled zones instead of broadcast on the soil surface. Precise fertilizer application is where the SoilWarrior shines across all tillage types because its unique coulter design mixes nutrients evenly throughout the strip for optimal growth.

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