Service & Maintenance Videos

Whether you're a new SoilWarrior owner or a zone tillage veteran, this video library will guide you through the most common service and maintenance needs.


Preload Adjustment on SoilWarrior Hubs

Learn how to perform a preload adjustment on SoilWarrior 1143 hubs.


Convert SoilWarrior from Shallow to Deep Tillage

Learn how to convert the SoilWarrior from shallow to deep tillage.


SoilWarrior Fertilizer Calibration

Learn how to calibrate the fertilizer delivery system on the SoilWarrior.


Connecting SoilWarrior to Tractor

Learn how to hook up a SoilWarrior to a John Deere tractor.

Scale Systems & Load Cells

Learn how to calibrate the SoilWarrior scale system with 2.5" load cells.


SoilWarrior Containment Coulter & Shallow Tillage Hubs

Learn how to install an 1143 hub on a containment coulter or tillage arm.


Replacing Bits on Deep Cog

Learn how to replace worn-out bits on a deep cog wheel.


Dry Fertilizer Maintenance

Learn how to clean and maintain the fertilizer system on the SoilWarrior.


SoilWarrior Regulator Inspection

Learn how to inspect, clean and lubricate the Wilkerson R21 regulator valve.

SoilWarrior Row Unit Maintenance

Learn about the maintenance points on the SoilWarrior row units. 


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