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High Yields With The SoilWarrior®

Seedbed preparation and fertilizer placement set David Hula up for success.
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Meet the SoilWarrior® Edge™ system

Our new three-point mounted strip-till system that shares your priorities.
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Is SoilWarrior® Right for Your Farm?

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Improve More Than Profits

Get tips on improving farm profitability, nutrient management and soil health.
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Defending The Land

You don’t have to choose between soil health and farm profitability. Minimize erosion while creating precise, nutrient-rich zones. Reduced passes across the field result in equipment, fuel and labor savings with the SoilWarrior®, the only complete Zone Tillage™ and precision nutrient placement system custom built for your farm.

Featured Equipment


Soil Warrior Systems

Looking for a strip-till machine that’s proven to provide precise nutrient placement and perform in most soil types? Learn about our SoilWarrior systems and determine which one is the best fit for your farm.


Row Units

Create the optimal planting environment for high yield potential with some of the most durable row units on the market. Take a look what makes our X, N and Zone Freshener™ row units a top choice among growers.



Clear tough residue, create the optimal zones, and precisely apply fertilizer and cover crops with ETS accessories. Find out how our products can enhance your strip-tillage practice.

David Hula, Virginia farmer
"And things that we're seeing — our ride is so much smoother, our seed placement is even better... Here I thought we were doing a good job before, and I still say we were doing a good job.  But we've even enhanced that, and we're getting that uniform emergence."

Maximize Your Roi With Strip-Tillage

Find out how NCGA National Yield Contest winner  David Hula is breaking yield barriers without sacrificing profitability and soil health.

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