Soil Warrior Systems

Soil Warrior Edge™


The SoilWarrior Edge™ is our three-point mounted strip-till system that combines the durability of our cart-based SoilWarrior® systems with the flexibility to attach any fertilizer system. Use it for primary tillage and zone freshening to create an optimal seedbed for uniform emergence. Buy as a complete system or purchase SoilWarrior Edge row units to mount to your current toolbar.

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Ty Fickenscher
“Despite running in dry and difficult field conditions, the SoilWarrior Edge covered nearly 2,400 acres without a breakdown, and our customers loved the way the strips turned out. They’re excited to get in and plant.”

Additional Product Information

The SoilWarrior Edge three-point system comes equipped with the following items as part of a standard package. SoilWarrior Edge row units are also available for individual sale for use with toolbars from other manufacturers.
SoilWarrior Edge Row Unit

Row Unit Options

  • Single coulter
  • Single coulter plus shank/knife
  • Three tillage coulters; lead coulter is removable


SoilWarrior Edge Toolbar


  • Double fold toolbar with six-row center allowing for narrow transport
  • Low maintenance- greaseless pins and oil bath hubs
  • Hydraulically-driven air compressor
SoilWarrior Edge Fertilizer Systems

Fertilizer Systems

  • Adaptable to dry, liquid, NH3 fertilizer systems
  • Fertilizer carts from several manufacturers available for purchase

Zone cleaners and rolling baskets also available.

See accessories page for more info.

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Precision and durability in a package that fits the size and price point of today’s farms. Available with a dry or liquid fertilizer system, up to eight rows and multiple row spacing options.
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