Soil Warrior Systems

Soil Warrior 3100


Precision and durability in a package that fits the size and price point of today’s innovative farms. Available with a dry or liquid fertilizer system, up to eight rows and multiple row spacing options.

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Additional Product Information

The 3100 series SoilWarrior® comes equipped with the following items as part of a standard system.

3100 SoilWarrior System
  • Standard cart
  • Toolbar (folding or rigid)
  • (4-8) SoilWarrior N or X row units
  • Steerable-ready cart and hitch
  • Implement steering system - optional
  • Electric or hydraulic air compressor
  • On-farm set up and training with an ETS-certified technician
Dry Fertilizer
  • 160 bushel fertilizer tank with 5 tons total carrying capacity
  • 24-inch tank lid with screen
  • (1) Stainless steel meter body
  • (1) Hydraulic fertilizer drive, VRT-ready
  • Weigh-Tronix scale
Liquid Fertilizer
  • 1,250-gallon liquid fertilizer tank
  • VisiGage flow monitors
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