Soil Warrior Accessories

We sell several accessories to help you perfect your zones, apply cover crops and work safely. Contact us to learn more about these options or place an order.

Lead Coulter

Prepare a better seedbed by adding a lead coulter. Eliminate potential variability in the zone as the lead coulter slices through roots and tills the center of the zone. This lead coulter kit is a bolt-on replacement for the gauge wheel on SoilWarrior® XS row units. It features an oil-filled hub, tapered roller bearings and common components for easy maintenance.

Rolling Baskets - Round Bar or Berm Builder

Finish your seedbed with ETS rolling baskets. Constructed from robust steel with hardened steel bushings and high-quality bearings, ETS offers two types of rolling baskets: round bar and berm builder. The round bar creates a level seedbed behind the row unit, while the berm builder features adjustable flat bars so operators can change the berm height.

Zone Cleaners – Airbag OR Cylinder

Clear trash and residue ahead of your tilled strips with ETS zone cleaners. Our solid construction and innovative design keeps them rolling through heavy crop residue at high rates of speed. Easily controlled from the cab with your choice of airbags or pneumatic cylinders.


Add a shank and knife to the SoilWarrior N row unit to achieve tillage depths up to 9 inches.

Working Light Kit

Nighttime visibility is enhanced with the ETS working light kit. The kit consists of two high intensity LED spotlights, a mounting bracket and wire harness. Lights are fully adjustable for optimal positioning.

Camera Kit

Get better visibility from the tractor cab. Observe row unit performance on the in-cab monitor while in operation by placing the magnetically-mounted cameras on the rear globe mount and rear axle. Safety is also enhanced with the ability to see behind the machine when backing the SoilWarrior or traveling between fields.

VISUM Fertilizer Sensor System

The VISUM fertilizer sensor system is a wireless blockage detection system providing the operator peace of mind while applying product. The sensors utilize vibration to sense flow or no flow to each row unit.

Implement Steering

Steer the machine separate from the tractor through active implement guidance. Help maintain precision guidance and precision placement of fertilizer while staying on the row through varying terrain. Adaptable to tractors from nearly all manufacturers.

The Soil Warrior ISOBUS Control Module (SWICM), Powered by Raven.

The SWICM is a versatile and user-friendly rate controller that can be installed on any SoilWarrior. It is compatible with most ISOBUS displays, allowing the operator to utilize their existing precision technology.

Remote Scale Display

Magnetically mounted to the machine, the remote display shows a scale readout for product in the tanks. This accessory also allows the operator to perform catch test calibration without returning to the cab.

Cover Crop Kit

A one-pass solution to applying cover crops while performing tillage and nutrient placement with the SoilWarrior. The cover crop kit allows the operator to apply cover crops in the zone, between the zone, or both.