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The SoilWarrior Celebrates 20 Year Anniversary

Environmental Tillage Systems, a leader in the strip-till equipment industry, proudly announces the 20th anniversary of the SoilWarrior.

What started as a solution to one farm’s challenges has continued and evolved for many years as a solution for tillage and precision nutrient application for many farms. Since 2004, Environmental Tillage Systems, Inc. has been dedicated to defending the land and leading the charge, beginning on a farm in Southeastern Minnesota.

Red SoilWarrior

“While 20 years is a relatively short amount of time – what our customers and team members have accomplished in those 20 years is enormous.  You cannot put a price on enhancing our customer’s operations or defending the land.  Our commitment and impact on agriculture will live well beyond the next 20 years.” —Kevin Born, ETS CEO.

Throughout its 20-year journey, ETS can attribute it’s growth to the company’s dedication to innovation along with its superior customer service. ETS has focused solely on strip-till and providing reliable, durable, and efficient strip-till solutions. With those objectives, they truly speak to the mission statement- to provide progressive farmers with an innovative production system that profitably rebuilds and revitalizes the land.


 “Since day one, we have had the passion to make a difference in our customers' operations. It is not enough to simply manufacture a piece of equipment. We continually listen and strive to improve our products and services to enhance our customer experience. We are not satisfied with being good—we want to continue to strive to be great.”—Kevin Born, ETS CEO.

With a commitment to quality, durability, innovation, and customer satisfaction, ETS has continually raised the bar, setting industry standards.

“It is our fierce attention to detail and perseverance that keeps us an unrivaled force in the field.”- ETS Service Technician Mitch Peterson.

SoilWarrior Kevin Born

ETS is a leading manufacturer of strip tillage and nutrient management equipment. Our equipment is designed to enhance soil productivity and farm profitability. ETS products set the standard for in-field performance, durability, and ease of operation. We are proud to serve customers in the United States and internationally.

Defending your land is what we do—20 Years of strip-till.
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