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Meet Jared Coy: The New Service Technician

Here at Environmental Tillage Systems (ETS), we have always wanted to provide superior customer service. Part of owning a SoilWarrior is the excellent customer service our sales and service team provides to our farmers. Jared Coy recently joined our service team.

 He is from Bradford, OH, and will be based out of his home like our other remote service techs. He will service the eastern corn belt and travel wherever the customers need him. “He has a long history of farm machinery operation and maintenance, so he will be a great asset to our service team,” said Mark Hewitt, ETS Service Manager.

Growing up in West Central Ohio, in rural Darke County, Jared had the opportunity for the past 14 years to work for a row crop operation specializing in corn and soybeans. “In my eyes, there is no greater joy than planting a seed, tending to your crop, and harvesting the sweat of your labor. Working on and figuring out how machines work has always been a huge part of my life,” said Jared. “I am excited to bring my knowledge and skills of working on and operating modern machinery to ETS while also having the opportunity to help farmers maximize the capabilities of their SoilWarrior machine, bringing new efficiencies to their farming operations.”

Jared Coy

Outside of work, Jared spends time with his family and six nieces and nephews. He also builds and maintains a tractor-pulling track for the NTPA or Darke County Tractor Pullers Association throughout the summer across Ohio and Indiana.

ETS is excited to have Jared on the team. When you are getting ready to begin strip-tilling, request your point-by-point service inspection so your SoilWarrior is ready. It just might be Jared you meet this year.

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