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Managing Residue in Strip-Tillage

On October 06, 2015 Leave a comment

Dave Delhotal was surprised to hear the lengths some strip-till farmers were going to in order to successfully manage the crop residue on their acres. The farmer from northern Illinois learned some other growers were planting shorter-statured corn varieties just so they had less residue in their fields.

That hasn’t been a problem on his farm.

“I haven’t found a field of corn residue I can’t get through with the SoilWarrior,” Delhotal says. “The way it’s designed there’s nothing it won’t handle. 

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Field View: Reducing Tillage Key to Protecting Soil

This post was written by Ben Pederson, Iowa farmer and SoilWarrior customer, for his Sprout Ag Enterprises facebook page. It is re-posted with his permission. All views expressed in this story are his. ETS supports conservation tillage practices that decrease erosion and preserve healthy soils for the future.
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The Evolution of Tillage

There’s just something about the soil. Many of us are drawn to it. Judging by history, so were our ancestors.

Farm tillage traces a path that mirrors the development of civilization. Cultures often developed around their ability to collectively produce food. Because food is one of our most basic needs, humans recognized it was difficult to sustain communities solely by hunting and gathering, so the cultivation of food began.

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5 Reasons to Attend the National Strip-Tillage Conference

On April 08, 2015 Leave a comment

Are you considering reducing your tillage to save passes across the field, input costs, and protect your soil from erosion? Or perhaps are you an experienced no-tiller seeking a more efficient way to place fertilizer while maintaining your soil health? No matter your reason for digging into strip-till, the National Strip-Tillage Conference is the event you should attend this summer.

It's happening August 5-6, 2015 at the Mariott Coralville Hotel & Conference Center just outside Iowa City, Iowa. In case you need a little convincing, we've got 5 reasons why being there will benefit your farm business.

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Bust that Myth: Strip-Tillage Practices

On April 01, 2015 Leave a comment
This myth-busting article originally appeared in the spring issue of Soybean Business, a publication of the Minnesota Soybean Growers Association. It is re-published online with permission. Photos and captions added by ETS.

Farmers are always on the lookout for ways to increase profitability while protecting their soil and water. One option many farmers have implemented and others are considering is some form of reduced or conservation tillage.

Because incorporating practices like strip-tillage into a farming operation may involve a significant shift away from how they’re currently operating, farmers can be hesitant to make the switch. Proponents of strip-tillage say the practice can be just as productive as conventional tillage, but also conserves soil resources while saving time and money because tillage, fertilization and planting all take place in a single pass. Here are some common misconceptions about strip-till farming.

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Strip-Till Research Shows Benefits of Cost Savings & Stewardship

On March 26, 2015 Leave a comment

Farmers in the U.S. and Canada have successfully used the SoilWarrior for years to grow healthy, productive crops while protecting their soil. But farmers aren’t the only ones putting its technology to the test. Public and private researchers across the U.S. are also taking advantage of its compact counterpart – the PlotWarrior – to test the benefits of strip-tillage.  

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Putting Fertilizer in its Place

Ben Pederson shares his insight in how he discovered the right recipe for fertilizer placement with the SoilWarrior system.

Way back before I implemented the practice of strip-till on my farm, I would day dream of the perfect system. If I could get over the hurdles of my father’s objections, potential landlord issues, the cost of another piece of equipment, and a few others, how would I do it if I had my choice?  Every aspect ran through my head.  I even typed out four pages of a program detailing each aspect from equipment width, to controlled traffic, to nitrogen programs. 

Nutrient placement was a topic that really interested me. I knew it had to be more effective to place fertilizer in a concentrated manner right below the crop row. But what was the best system for placement? There were several choices in the marketplace. Some used a shank and a mole knife. Some used coulters to lightly till a strip. And of course the SoilWarrior used something I had never seen before called a cog wheel.

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Top 10 Reasons To Consider Strip-Till

On December 10, 2014 Leave a comment
Farmers are always searching for ways to be more productive and efficient. At Environmental Tillage Systems, we build the SoilWarrior, which is designed to help you be both efficient and productive while maximizing your yield potential. The SoilWarrior is more than just an implement for strip-tillage; it’s a way to zone in and take control of profitability for your farming operation.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Before you consider purchasing a SoilWarrior system, you need to understand how a conservation tillage practice like strip-till could benefit your farm. 


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