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Is Your Tractor Ready for Strip-Till?

Preparing your tractor for strip-till is equally as important as the equipment that it is pulling. Environmental Tillage Systems (ETS) Precision Ag Specialist, Gavin Held, shares his checklist of the most commonly overlooked items that will prepare your tractor for a successful strip-till season.

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Get Your SoilWarrior Field-Ready with These Simple Steps

Technology doesn’t have to be your enemy. Conducting pre-season technology checks can save you time when it's “go time”. ETS Precision Ag Specialist, Gavin Held, has been on many farms across North America and Canada facilitating machine set-ups, inspections and in-season trouble shooting. He has also personally ran the SoilWarrior over 1,000 acres using RTK guidance and prescription maps for variable rate fertilizer application. Gavin has shared his personal pre-season SoilWarrior technology check-list.

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5 Characteristics of a Good SoilWarrior Operator

Purchasing new farm equipment takes time and consideration. Equally important is finding an operator for your new piece of equipment. At Environmental Tillage Systems (ETS), our customers often tell us one key to their success is having a skilled operator for their SoilWarrior. 

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2019 Engineering Intern, Parker Pitzen

On June 05, 2019 Leave a comment

Environmental Tillage Systems (ETS) welcomes Parker Pitzen to the team as the 2019 Engineering Intern. As a student at Iowa State University (ISU) majoring in Agricultural Engineering with an Agricultural Business minor Parker feels that this internship will provide him with skills and experiences needed for future job opportunities.

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2019 Marketing & Communications Intern, Megan Mathew

On June 03, 2019 Leave a comment

Environmental Tillage System (ETS) is excited to have Megan Mathew as the summer intern for the Marketing and Communications department. This fall Megan will begin her senior year at the University of Minnesota majoring in Agricultural Marketing and Communications.

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LandPro Equipment Introduces the SoilWarrior to Western New York

On May 09, 2019 Leave a comment

Environmental Tillage Systems (ETS) is excited to partner with LandPro Equipment to help farmers in western New York improve soil health with SoilWarrior® zone tillage and nutrient application equipment. LandPro became a dealer for SoilWarrior in late 2018 and has experienced tremendous success with the premier strip-tillage brand.

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From Service to Sales,Tanner Schuldt, Regional Sales Manager

On April 23, 2019 Leave a comment

With over three years of experience working with the SoilWarrior in the service department, Tanner Schuldt is bringing a wealth of knowledge to his new position as a Regional Sales Manager for Environmental Tillage Systems (ETS). 

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Partnership to Bring Savings on TerraNu Technology and SoilWarrior Systems to Ag Retailers

Madison, Wis. (January, 8, 2019)—Midwestern BioAg (MBA), a leader in cutting-edge fertilizer technology and soil health, and Environmental Tillage Systems (ETS), developer of the SoilWarrior — the only complete strip-till unit on the market, have partnered to launch a rebate savings program for Ag Retailers.

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Looma, LLC Now Offering SoilWarrior® Zone Tillage Equipment

On December 12, 2018 Leave a comment

Environmental Tillage Systems (ETS) announces that Looma, LLC will now be selling and supporting its brands in south central Nebraska. Located in Axtell, NE, Looma will sell and support SoilWarrior® zone tillage and nutrient application equipment and the dual-purpose ZoneNinjaTM zone freshener and sidedresser. This new partnership allows ETS to expand their sales efforts and reach a growing strip-tillage market.

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On-Farm Strip-Till Research Made Possible Through Grants

On October 09, 2018 Leave a comment

Strip-till is often just a starting point for many farmers.  It’s seen as the gateway into something bigger.  That something isn’t always a clear vision and may take a couple years to come to fruition, which these three Minnesota SoilWarrior owners have come to realize after experiencing strip-till.

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