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Top 10 Reasons To Consider Strip-Till

Zones_and_Crop_(23)Farmers are always searching for ways to be more productive and efficient. At Environmental Tillage Systems, we build the SoilWarrior, which is designed to help you be both efficient and productive while maximizing your yield potential. The SoilWarrior is more than just an implement for strip-tillage; it’s a way to zone in and take control of profitability for your farming operation.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Before you consider purchasing a SoilWarrior system, you need to understand how a conservation tillage practice like strip-till could benefit your farm. 


Here’s our top 10 reasons to think about switching to strip-till:
  1. Seed bed preparation. Strip and zone tillage are forms of modified deep tillage, meaning narrow strips are tilled in the soil, but the plant residue between the rows is left undisturbed. This allows for good soil drainage, air flow, and the soil’s biological health. This results in a perfect environment for quick germination and strong early plant growth.

  2. Warms the soil. Because the soil in the strips has been tilled, it warms faster than untilled areas. This is especially important when you need to get into the field early.

  3. Relieves soil compaction. The deep tillage that takes place in the zones breaks up compacted soil, allowing for water and air movement.

  4. Erosion control. Areas in between rows are left undisturbed. That crop residue helps hold the soil in place, reducing water and soil erosion.

  5. Precision nutrient placement. Nutrients can be placed right in the zone where the crops need them and can most efficiently use them. The SoilWarrior is even more precise than most systems because it is equipped with variable rate technology (VRT), which allows you to place your nutrients according to the needs of a particular field.

  6. Fertilizer efficiency. Because fertilizer can be placed exactly where it’s needed, plants have easier access to the nutrients they need to thrive. Crops more fully utilize what has been applied, plus the risk of runoff is reduced. 

  7. Simplicity. It requires fewer passes across the field than with conventional tillage. In the case of the SoilWarrior, everything you need to prepare the seed bed is included. It’s one piece, one pass.

  8. Fuel savings. Since the number of passes across the field is typically reduced, you’ll spend less fuel dragging implements across your fields.

  9. Yields. Regardless of the chosen tillage system, it’s still all about yields. Yields in strip-till systems are comparable to those with intensive tillage and many times higher than those in no-till systems.

  10. Save time and money. With fewer passes across the field and less fertilizer cost, you can save significant time and money. Plus, in many cases, seed germination rates for corn and soybeans are higher, meaning you may be able to reduce the populations you need to plant to achieve your desired stand.

Now that you have a 10 reasons to consider implementing strip-tillage on your farm, why not take your research a step further and download our FREE ebook to learn more about our SoilWarrior system and ETS Zone Tillage.

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