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Create a Precise Zone with VRT Fertilizer Application

If you fish, you know that the margin between a full livewell and an empty stringer can be pretty thin.

ETS Zone of Opportunity

The technology we use with the SoilWarrior ensures that we can put you and your nutrients in the exact right place to be productive and most fully benefit your crops. By working with some of today’s most advanced variable rate technology (VRT) systems, we can help you deliver fertilizer with remarkable precision. It’s not enough to just be in the vicinity, you have to be at the exact right place with the right presentation or your outing may not be very productive.

Variable rate fertilizer application allows you to apply different rates of fertilizer as needed while crossing your fields. The technology needed to accomplish variable rate fertilization includes an in-cab computer and software with a field zone application map, fertilizer equipment capable of varying rates during operation and a GPS system.

The SoilWarrior features a pulse width module that interfaces with several of the leading VRT systems available on the market today. These systems govern the rate of nutrient delivery based on grid sampling and other available data, allowing you to deliver precisely the level of nutrients needed. This site-specific approach help can reduce input and labor costs, maximize productivity, and reduce the potential to over-apply nutrients. Operating the VRT system through monitors in your tractor cab gives you fingertip control.Envizio Pro

By incorporating your farm data, SoilWarrior raises the bar for precision. In addition to utilizing the GPS system in your tractor, the SoilWarrior is steerable. It features its own GPS-based steering system that guides the SoilWarrior to keep fertilizer in the tilled zone, even on difficult terrain like steep side hills.

All this technology may sound intimidating, but every SoilWarrior purchase includes a full day’s training that will have you operating this incredible implement like a pro in no time. After all, it’s our goal to protect the soil while increasing your productivity.

Just don’t expect us to share our favorite fishing spots.


Here's a quick reference list of some of the products that are compatible with the SoilWarrior. Consult your precision technician if your system is not listed.

1)     Ag Leader Integra and Versa with the Direct Command Strip-till Module 

2)     John Deere 2630 with the Green Star Dry Rate Controller 

3)     Trimble FMX and CFX -750 and Case FM-1000 

4)     Raven Viper and Envizio series