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Getting to Know the Tough and Versatile SoilWarrior

Some have accused the SoilWarrior® of being built too tough. All SoilWarriors are built to withstand the rigors of farming in all types of soil and conditions. After all, isn’t that what you expect from your equipment? In fact, the founder of Environmental Tillage Systems (ETS) was a farmer who designed and built the first SoilWarrior because he didn’t like what was available on the market. He knew that there had to be a way to streamline tillage and fertilizer application while increasing his R.O.I. along with reducing down time and maintenance. 

Soil Warrior

The SoilWarrior isn’t only tough, it’s also versatile and unlike many strip-till units that have to be pieced together, the SoilWarrior is a complete precision package. The versatility begins with row unit selection. 


The SoilWarrior X row unit is the foundation of ETS and what sets us apart from the competition because it is coulter-based. The cogwheel and coulters cut through tough corn residue with ease and resist plugging. This row unit is adjustable to provide deep or shallow tillage, preparing a 10 to 12-inch wide zone that’s ideal for planting.

SoilWarrior X Deep Tillage Configuration: A large 30-inch diameter cog wheel with replaceable iron tillage bits fractures the soil up to 12 inches deep. It is followed by two 25-inch serrated coulters that contain the soil in the zone. These coulters are the largest in the industry and can be adjusted for width, position, and angle. A removable gauge wheel helps provide depth control.

Soil Warrior SWXD

X row unit in XD position

SoilWarrior X Standard Tillage Configuration: Replace the cog wheel with two 20-inch wavy coulters to provide 2 to 6 inches of tillage. This configuration is great for spring because it promotes rapid germination and early root development, but it can be used in any season. The lead coulter kit, a bolt-on replacement for the gauge wheel, helps eliminate variability in the zone in tough soil conditions.

Soil Warrior SX

X row unit in XS position

The SoilWarrior N row unit is a versatile choice for growers who want to create 8 to 10-inch wide planting zones using a single coulter or a coulter/shank combination. Till up to 5 inches deep with the wavy coulter, attach a shank for a total tillage depth of 9 inches, or add a knife for NH3 application. The 25-inch serrated coulters ensure soil is contained and nutrients are sealed in the zone. 

Soil Warrior SWN

N Row Unit with shank/knife and zone cleaner

All row units are constructed with rugged parallel linkage, which allows vertical travel to easily roll over rocks and other obstacles. The heavy-duty air spring design allows for on-the-go adjustments from the cab to match field conditions. Oil bath hubs are also a standard at ETS. The unique seal and tapered roller bearings are bathed in oil for extended use. We also offer different coulter sizes to match sandy, tight clay, and gumbo soils.

The rugged steel channel frame can be customized for your needs in widths from 10 to 60 feet and row unit spacing of 20, 22, 30 or 36 inches. The row units and toolbar form the foundation on which the rest of the system is built. 

Soil Warrior Toolbar


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