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What Makes It Different Makes It Better: Service Edition

The SoilWarrior is known for setting the standard for in-field performance, machine durability, and ease of operation. Creating an ideal seedbed for planting, applying fertilizer, and enhancing soil productivity and farm profitability is a key benefit of the SoilWarrior. Members of the ETS team share their viewpoints on what makes it different and better when servicing the SoilWarrior.

Andrew Geraets, an ETS service technician, said, “Compared to other strip-till equipment, the SoilWarrior toolbar lifts higher and has a tilt function that makes service and maintenance hands down the easiest machine I have ever wrenched on.” Geraets adds, “Standing up instead of crawling underneath the toolbar to service is a huge advantage, especially in rows narrower than 30 inches.”SoilWarrior ServiceETS regional sales manager, Tanner Schuldt, echoes Geraets’ comment about ease of service. Being 6’ 7” himself, he said, “knowing that maintenance work doesn’t mean having to slip into small spaces or crawling into the tank, it won’t be something you put off. Much of the maintenance can be done standing up, and no need to grab a creep from the shop.” Maintenance is essential to keep your machine running at its optimal potential, so this is a point not to be overlooked.

Another point of interest the service team points out is the oil bath hubs on each row unit design, a feature that is important to ETS. The unique seal and tapered roller bearings are bathed in oil for extended use.

ETS customer support extends beyond the machine itself. Did you know that our precision ag manager, Scott Kelsey, has the capability to log in to your Raven CR7 display and troubleshoot from his office in Faribault? A Raven CR7 display in your cab can be a tremendous tool for troubleshooting. Kelsey said, “With the CR7 display, we can remote into the display, see precisely what you are seeing, and make any necessary adjustments.” If a remote troubleshooting session doesn’t resolve the issue, Scott is ready to jump in his truck and make a trip to the farm to get the farmer going as soon as possible. Scott added, “The remote display on the SoilWarrior makes calibrating and filling your machine a one-person job. The remote display eliminates the need to run back and forth from the cab to the machine for calibration, and you can see how much weight is in your tanks from the ground when refilling.”SoilWarrior ServiceLastly, a perk of owning a SoilWarrior is knowing that the parts department is always available to help. You will get to talk with a person, not a computer. John Lurken, ETS supply chain specialist, said, "During the strip-tillage season, my top focus is getting parts out on time. We understand that you don't have time to wait on parts once you hit the field, whether spring or fall. We work effectively and diligently to get every order out quickly. We work closely with our shipping partners to pick up later in the day to give us more time to get as many orders as possible out".

A purchase from ETS comes with a strong support team – from machine delivery, in-field setup, service and maintenance, troubleshooting, and ordering parts. Our team makes your strip-tillage experience different and better.

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