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How Lamb Farms Grows Profits & Efficiency With 4R Nutrient Management

For Janette Veazey-Post a New York farmer and one of the owners/operators at Lamb Farms, sustainability is a driving force behind their success. In fact, she attributes their desire to reuse, repurpose and do more with less to helping them become more efficient and profitable each year.

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What's there to know about the SWICM?

The SoilWarrior ISOBUS Control Module, or SWICM for short, is beneficial to strip-tillage because it is a key factor in two  of the 4R’s, which are Right Rate and Right Place. With a properly calibrated machine, a grower can apply up to five different products at their Right Rate. In combination with a tractor’s GPS, display, and prescription maps, the SWICM is capable of variable rating multiple products at the Right Rate and in the Right Place. Along with the rate controlling capabilities, the SWICM has built-in features that reduce the number of components installed in the cab, creating less cab clutter for a better operating experience.

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Is Your Tractor Ready for Strip-Till?

Preparing your tractor for strip-till is equally as important as the equipment that it is pulling. Environmental Tillage Systems (ETS) Precision Ag Specialist, Gavin Held, shares his checklist of the most commonly overlooked items that will prepare your tractor for a successful strip-till season.

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Get Your SoilWarrior Field-Ready with These Simple Steps

Technology doesn’t have to be your enemy. Conducting pre-season technology checks can save you time when it's “go time”. ETS Precision Ag Specialist, Gavin Held, has been on many farms across North America and Canada facilitating machine set-ups, inspections and in-season trouble shooting. He has also personally ran the SoilWarrior over 1,000 acres using RTK guidance and prescription maps for variable rate fertilizer application. Gavin has shared his personal pre-season SoilWarrior technology check-list.

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ETS Partners with Raven to Offer New Rate Controller

The SoilWarrior ISOBUS Control Module Powered by Raven

Environmental Tillage Systems (ETS) launches a new precision agriculture product in partnership with Raven Industries, headquartered in Sioux Falls, SD. The new SoilWarrior ISOBUS Control Module powered by Raven, the next generation in precision application rate control, allows farmers to easily connect any brand of tractor with their SoilWarrior strip-tillage and nutrient application system.

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Maximizing Productivity & Profits with Precision Technology

For more than a decade, Scott Spare and his family have farmed with a precise eye on their productivity. Spare farms with his parents near Hiawatha, Kansas, raising corn and soybeans.

Reduced tillage and a commitment to precision farming has proven vital to their operation. Every piece of equipment has some precision ag controller on it, which is especially important when planting into crop residue from the previous year’s crop. But Spare’s focus on precision goes well beyond steering control.

“We farm every acre for that acre’s potential,” Spare says.

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SoilWarrior & Custom Strip-Till a Winning Combo for Ranek Ag

Even though he didn’t grow up farming, Jesse Ranek’s passion for agriculture is unmistakable. He was raised in a farming community and had friends who farmed, which fueled his passion and love for agriculture. 

After college and a football career, Ranek was busy operating a sports training facility, working construction, and selling seed in partnership with his father when he decided to expand his agriculture business. Jesse and his cousin Justin Ranek went into business together, forming Ranek Ag, which operates facilities in Tyndall and Mitchell, South Dakota. Ranek Ag is a full service agronomy center providing farmers and ranchers with all their seed, chemical, dry and liquid fertilizer, dry and liquid application, strip-tillage, precision ag, and soil sampling needs.

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