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Give Your Season An Edge With The New SoilWarrior® Edge™

On March 04, 2021 Leave a comment

The SoilWarrior® Edge™ combines the durability, versatility and nutrient placement of a SoilWarrior with a tractor-mounted three-point system designed for primary tillage and zone freshening.

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ZoneNinja, The Newest Innovation From the Creators of the SoilWarrior

Environmental Tillage Systems (ETS), the creator of the SoilWarrior, announces the launch of the all new ZoneNinjaTM, a dual-purpose tool that can freshen zones one day and convert to side-dress the next - the ultimate combination in one piece of proven, field-tested equipment. It features the new ZoneFreshenerTM row units mounted on a new 3-point toolbar.

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