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Join the #SoilWarriorGrown Conversation Today

When we think of strip-tillage we think of photos of machines creating zones in the spring or fall. Those photos are  great, but how do the crops look? That is where #SoilWarriorGrown comes into play. 

ETS is encouraging farmers to post photos to Facebook or Twitter using #SoilWarriorGrown to share what their crops look like that are grown in zones created by their SoilWarrior. The hashtag allows others to follow along with posts and comment questions they have. 

We at Environmental Tillage Systems hope that #SoilWarriorGrown will spark conversation and connect farmers who all have something in common, their SoilWarrior machine. 

Here are some of our favorites from June participants:


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Want to join in on the fun? Use #SoilWarriorGrown and #SoilWarrior in the caption of your photo and share about your crops. Then click the share button for others to see your post! 

Want to see what we are more fun we are up to? Add us on snapchat (thesoilwarrior) to keep up to date on events throughout the year. 

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