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ETS Welcomes Mitch Peterson, Service Technician

Mitch Peterson brings a variety of agricultural experiences to ETS. This experience combined with his curiosity and mechanical understanding will help ETS serve customers.

Our recent hire, Mitch Peterson, is a resident of southern Minnesota. In his career, Mitch has touched on aspects of agriculture such as agronomy, energy, feed, and grain. IMG_6972

"When reading about ETS, I was intrigued by the growth potential. I look forward to learning every inch of these machines and being a part of this company's development," said Mitch. "I enjoy meeting new people and farmers, and seeing where the conversation takes us."

"I’m excited to have a service tech based at the ETS HQ. Having Mitch on site will greatly decrease our response time to customers that need large parts delivered for a repair. We will also be able to increase our geographical coverage during the heat of the strip-till season in order to decrease customer downtime and increase customer satisfaction," said ETS Service Manager, Mark Hewitt. "His willingness to ask questions and learn will have him understanding strip-till and our machinery very quickly."

Mitch will be supporting SoilWarrior clients around the ETS headquarters, throughout Minnesota and the surrounding states. Excellent customer service is a priority for ETS, and he will continue to grow the company’s reputation.

In Mitch's free time, you can find him hanging out with his wife, Andrea, and their daughter, Ruby, motorcycle riding, boat restoration, and stock and economic research. 

Welcome to the team, Mitch; we are glad to have you here!

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