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Ag Ventures Alliance Invests in Environmental Tillage Systems

Ag-Ventures-Alliance-LOGO.pngEnvironmental Tillage Systems (ETS) welcomes Ag Ventures Alliance (AgVA) as a new investor in the leading manufacturer of conservation tillage and nutrient management equipment. ETS zone tillageTM with the SoilWarrior® offers the advantage of minimum tillage while strategically placing nutrients in the root zone. This investment offers both economic benefits and opportunities for AgVA members to enhance soil productivity on their own farms.

Environmental Tillage Systems is a great match for Ag Ventures Alliance.  The company is focused on increasing farmers’ profitability by decreasing labor and increasing yield potential. “We all need to be looking at return on investment in our businesses, and the SoilWarrior product line makes a lot of sense agronomically and economically. Ag Ventures Alliance gets excited when the right team gets behind the right idea, and that is exactly what is happening at ETS,” explains Spencer Stensrude, Investment Analyst at Ag Ventures Alliance.

ETS has experienced significant growth in recent history, a trend that is expected to continue as more growers realize the benefits of focusing on soil health. “We are proud to have investors like Ag Ventures Alliance that are focused on both environmental stewardship and economic returns,” said Kevin Born, CEO of Environmental Tillage Systems. “With the additional capital from Ag Ventures Alliance and other new recent investors, ETS is in a prime position to expand and reach our next business milestone.”

About Environmental Tillage Systems

Environmental Tillage Systems is a premier manufacturer of zone tillage equipment in Faribault, Minn. Its flagship product is the SoilWarrior, a complete strip-till system that enhances soil productivity and farm profitability. ETS products set the standard for in-field performance, machine durability, and ease of operation. Founded on a farm in southeast Minnesota, the company now serves clients in the USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. To learn more, visit

About Ag Ventures Alliance

Mason City-IA-based Ag Ventures Alliance is a business development organization for value-added agricultural ventures. Intended to increase the income of farmers and other rural residents and create a vibrant rural economy, AgVA and its members invest in businesses focused on profitably adding value to agriculture activities. AgVA has over 400 members throughout the Midwest who have started and invested in numerous value-added agricultural businesses. To become part of this high impact organization visit or call 641-494-2368.

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