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ETS Welcomes Royalee Rhoads, Marketing and Communications Coordinator

Royalee Rhoads brings a variety of experiences to ETS. With these experiences and her passion for learning and agriculture, ETS is excited to have her on the marketing team. 

Formerly the Director of Industry Relations at the Minnesota Beef Council, Royalee grew up on a crop and livestock farm on the Kansas/Nebraska border. She graduated from K State with a bachelor's degree in Apparel and Textile Marketing. She worked in various management and communications positions in retail before returning to the agriculture industry. You'll find that she is very passionate about agriculture, farmers, and connecting with people. 

IMG_0182Royalee shares, "I am so excited to be a team member at ETS! Growing up a farm kid, I always wanted to tag along with my dad on the farm. Agriculture has always been a passion for me, and this job will allow me to talk about it daily. I think I am most excited to meet all the farmers at the trade shows and events and share their stories about SoilWarrior through marketing and social media.  Farmers are very humble and are not good at sharing their stories, but with this job, I can share their stories of carrying for the land."

"We are excited to welcome Royalee to our team. Royalee and her previous work experiences will be an excellent addition to the team and help continue to grow a strong marketing team within ETS."-Brent Brueland, VP of Sales and Marketing.

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