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SoilWarrior’s 3Ps of Sustainability

Sustainability, what a buzzword right now. It’s seen daily on packaging, from the grocery store to the gas station, and even on children’s toys. Sustainability has a different meaning to each person. Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines sustainable as “of, relating to, or being a method of harvesting or using a resource so that the resource is not depleted or permanently damaged.”

SoilWarrior IowaBeing involved in any aspect of production agriculture, you probably have heard of the 3Ps of sustainability: People, Planet, and Profitability. Knowing, understanding, and implementing the 3Ps are crucial to achieving one’s eco-friendly goals. At Environmental Tillage Systems (ETS), we believe those 3Ps are important. Here are our 3Ps for sustainability with the SoilWarrior strip-till system.


Passion for strip-tillage as a practice. Everyone involved in your operation must be bought into the idea of strip-till to ensure the practice is sustainable for your farm.  As with any new practice, finding flaws is easier than celebrating successes. SoilWarrior owner Ryan Knuth researched strip-till for five years before deciding that the farm should make the switch. “With our farm being multi-generational (grandpa, dad, brother, and sister), it took a little bit to get everyone on board, but I knew strip-till could help reduce soil erosion.” The successes are what make the practice exciting. The constant learning and realization of reaching goals such as reduced fuel usage, improved fertilizer efficiency, and decreased labor needs are rejuvenating.


Pocketbook stands for ROI. Sustainability for the environment can sometimes be expensive and time-consuming, but it should also be sustainable for your business. When switching to strip-till with the SoilWarrior, consider your own ROI needs. Janette Veazey-Post, a dairy farmer from western New York, said, “we decided to purchase a SoilWarrior to increase our in-field efficiency and to reduce our carbon footprint, and I think this has really put us in that direction.” Understand your financial goals related to strip-till, and you may be surprised how well the SoilWarrior can fit into your operation.

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Working with the right team makes for a great experience. Everyone at ETS is invested in ensuring your strip-till journey is successful. Our entire team, from fabrication to sales and service, is dedicated to manufacturing a durable piece of equipment that will reduce downtime and help an operation reach its production goals. John Lurken, ETS supply chain specialist, said, “ETS is one of the most customer-focused companies I have ever worked for or with; the amount of time and effort on customer service is incredible. I want our customers to know that when they call someone, whether for sales, service, or parts, we strive to answer all your questions and get you what you need as efficiently as possible.”

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