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Boost Your Strip-Till Practices: Don't Miss This Event

 The 2017 National Strip-Tillage Conference will be held August 3rd and 4th in Omaha, NE. Now in its 4th year, the conference has become the premier learning and networking event in the U.S. for forward-thinking farmers. This year’s conference will include 7 general sessions, 12 strip-till classrooms, and 26 roundtable discussions along with unlimited networking with fellow strip-till enthusiasts. According to National Strip-Tillage Conference Attendee Surveys (2014, 2015 and 2016) 95.2% of Strip-Tillage Conference attendees would recommend attending.

Among the 12 strip-till classrooms, ETS is proud that two SoilWarrior customers have been selected to present about their experiences with strip-till. Strip-Till classroom #4 will be presented by Brian Ryberg with, Keeping an Open Mind with Narrow-Row Strip-Till.  “Strip-tilled fields aren’t designed to win beauty contests, and a picturesque plot of land isn’t nearly as valuable as the benefits of a well-structured system”, says Ryberg. He will discuss how his farm manages residue while on narrow strips along with cost savings, fertilizer efficiency, and equipment use.

Mike Verdonck will present Strip-Till classroom #10, Selection, Seeding & Stability with Cover Crops in Strip-Till. Verdonck understands that strip-till is not a one size fits all method. He will dive into his ongoing soil health improvement trials, which include planting permanent cover crops, bio strip-till and adapting his fertility program to accommodate soil needs.

GRA_9205-1.jpg Barrera, L., & Jack Zemlicka, J. (2016, September 17). Four Takeaways from the 2016 National Strip-Tillage Conference [Digital image]. Retrieved from conference

Mike and Brian both took off their presenter hat and took time to share why they believe it is beneficial to attend National Strip-Tillage Conference.

“The people and relationships made at these conferences are priceless. We have continued to stay involved with these farmers as we transition our operation to strip-till. They have shared experiences with us and given us direction when needed to help build our confidence in making drastic changes to our operation! All of the information learned is worth huge dollars.”- Brian Ryberg

“In my transition towards strip-till, I have lost so much money trying to save money, and I would have had faster success attending this conference from the beginning just to understand the basics and buy the proper equipment from the start. Every challenge we faced strip-tilling was encountered by someone at the conference and each had a solution. If you are considering attending, whether you are a beginning or experienced strip-tiller, you will always find the answers to your questions at the National Strip-Till Conference. From my experience, the cost of attending the conference is a lot cheaper than not attending.”- Mike Verdonck

Strip-Till Farmer has the complete list of presenters and topics along with complete conference details. We hope to see you there.


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