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5 Reasons to Attend the 2018 National Strip-Tillage Conference

 The 2018 National Strip-Tillage Conference will be held July 26-27 in Iowa City, Iowa. Now in its fifth year, the conference has become the premier learning and networking event in the U.S. for forward-thinking farmers. This year’s conference will include 7 general sessions, 12 strip-till classrooms, and 20 roundtable discussions along with unlimited networking with fellow strip-till enthusiasts. According to National Strip-Tillage Conference Attendee Surveys 95.2% of Strip-Tillage Conference attendees would recommend attending. *

Whether you are a seasoned strip-tiller or just starting to explore the benefits, there are sessions for you. Among the 12 strip-till classrooms, ETS is proud that two SoilWarrior customers have been selected to present about their experiences with strip-till. We recommend Strip-Till classrooms #6, “A Strip-Tiller’s Guide to Maximizing Planter Performance & Avoiding Costly Mistakes” with Dave Delhotal and #11, “Pushing Production & Profit with Twin-Row Strip-Till” with Ryan Shaw.

Dave Delhotal is a veteran strip-tiller who is meticulous in his preparation ahead of planting, checking every cable connection, grease fitting and attachment to ensure his machinery meets expectations once it’s in the field. In his classroom he will detail his annual checklist ahead of planting, along with mistakes made and lessons learned for optimizing equipment and technology performance.*

Ryan Shaw saw enough incentive with strip-till during some initial experimentation that he adopted the practice across all 1,400 acres of his corn, soybean, and sugarbeet rotation. At the same time, he integrated a twin-row system for strip-tilled corn and soybeans. In his classroom he will share the systematic setup and implementation of his twin row strip-till system, along with the vital role cover crops play in his cropping rotation.*

Ryan comments on National Strip Till Conference, “100% Good Information. Good topics and great conversations that produced new strategies to take home and apply on my operation.” *

Strip-Till Farmer has the complete list of presenters and topics along with complete conference details. 

Still not convinced? Here are 5 reasons why you should register today!

* Source: Strip Till Farmer/ National Strip- Tillage Conference

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