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Fall Tillage Considerations

Members of the ETS team are frequent guests on the Ag Ph. D. Radio show.  The following episode is related to the topic of Fall Tillage Considerations. 

“How do you gauge if it’s too wet, just the right amount of moisture, or if it’s too dry to do strip tillage properly?” Is the question Eric Moore offers an answer to and says if the soil creates a ribbon it is too wet. If the soil is too wet, then you can almost do more damage to the soil. Have a plan B for spring if you cannot till in the fall and make sure you really pay attention to the soil conditions. Finally, Eric goes over what to focus on for making the best seed bed and talks about how strip tilling can avoid erosion.

Check out the episode by clicking on the picture below!

Fall Tillage Considerations Ag PhD Radio Show

Ag PhD duo with ETS

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