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Transition to Strip-Till: CADA Farms - Missouri

A brother and father team from Central Missouri start a path for others to start using strip-till in Missouri. The Kliethermeses, CADA Farms, grow primarily corn and soybeans; and have been incorporating cover crops into their system for over seven years. As independent turkey producers, they have integrated a feed mill into their farming operation. A crop acreage challenge for them is their terraced ground which means erosion is a larger concern. They have been able to use turkey manure from their farm as a fertilizer source for many years. Soil tests show that the crops need certain nutrients in addition to the manure fertilizer.  

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The Easiest Way to Switch to Strip-Till

The word change can be scary.  Adjusting your farming operation takes months of careful consideration and research. After all, the average farmer only has the opportunity to plant and harvest a crop fifty times or less during their lifetime. One wrong decision could impact an operation for years to come.

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