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SoilWarrior Video Gallery

Learn more about the SoilWarrior and other ETS tillage equipment in these videos.


In this short video, you'll get a glance into the ETS workshop and Enter The Zone! We offer a number of soil solutions that help farmers and agriculture clients manager their land more effectively and strip-till efficiently.


David Sender represented Environmental Tillage Systems (ETS) at the Farm Progress Show for 2015. In this video, you'll get know us, our zone tillage and strip tillage solutions, and our history. ETS was founded by a farmer, to help farmers.



Interested in strip-tilling or want to know what strip-tillage really is? Find out more aobut strip till and how our farm equipment can have an impact on yields, soil quality, and land productivity with insight from Jodi DeJong-Hughes of the University of Minnesota Extension Crops and Soils.

"Strip tillage is the best of both worlds (conventional tillage and no-till)... the better your soil structure the better your soil health."


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