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 SoilWarrior 4540 SXD3 (used)

  • 2016 16 Row 30"
    • Dry Fertilizer
    • SX Row Units
    • Zone Cleaners
    • Rolling Baskets
    • Run Block Monitoring
    • VRT Ready 
    • Serial #00201522-1-1
  • Low Acres
  • ES2
  • ES3
  • ES1


SoilWarrior 5060 SND3 (used)


  • 2015 24 Row 30" 
    • Dry Fertilizer
    • SN Row Units with Shank
    • Triple Tanks
    • Run Block Monitoring
    • VRT Ready 
    • Serial #00201527-1-1
  • Soil Warrior
  • Soil Warrior
  • Soil Warrior


SoilWarrior 4530 SXD-20 (used) 


  • 2014 18 Row 20" (Can be modified to a 12 Row 20" OR 24 Row 20")
    • Dry Fertilizer
    • XS Row Units (Only 1,000 acres)
    • Lead Coulters
    • 12 Run Meter Bodies (Can accommodate up to 24 rows) 
    • Run Block Monitoring
    • VRT Ready 
    • Serial #003510-1-1

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