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OUR STORY: Environmental Tillage Systems, Inc.

Environmental Tillage Systems, Inc. has been dedicated to defending the land and leading the charge since beginning on a farm in Southeastern Minnesota in 2004. ETS is a leading manufacturer of conservation tillage and nutrient management equipment. Our equipment is designed to enhance soil productivity and farm profitability. Our products set the standard for in-field performance, machine durability, and ease of operation. We are proud to serve customers in: The United States of America, Canada, and internationally.

The ETS SoilWarrior Tillage Line

OUR JOURNEY: Zone Tillage, Strip Tillage & More

2002: The journey begins; early stage development by Mark Bauer
2003: First complete row unit designed for field trials
2004: First SoilWarrior® X dry fertilizer, hitch-pin ready, environmental system is commercialized
2005: Company incorporated as Environmental Tillage Systems, Inc.
2006: Development of the SoilWarrior® S (single coulter) row unit and HoneyWarrior®
2007: First international SoilWarrior® sale (New Zealand) with steerable cart
2008: Established manufacturing facility in Faribault, MN
2009: SoilWarrior® X granted U.S. patent and VRT fertilizer delivery made available
2010: SeedWarrior® and RollerWarrior® developed and commercialized
2011: Introduction of the SoilWarrior® N row unit
2012: Development of the 5060SND3 for Precision Ag Custom Zone Tillage™ applications
2014: Celebrate 10th anniversary of first commercialized SoilWarrior®
2015:  Addition of rolling baskets to accessory line
2015:  3100 SoilWarrior® introduced
2018: ZoneNinja™, a dual-purpose zone freshener and sidedresser, with the new ZoneFreshener™ row units released

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We work with farmers and ag retail clients throughout the United States, Canada, & internationally.

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