Getting to Know the Tough and Versatile SoilWarrior

January 07, 2015

Some have accused us of building the SoilWarrior® too tough. Well, don’t expect an apology for that. We build all of our machines to withstand the rigors of farming in all types of soil and conditions. After all, isn’t that what you expect from your equipment? In fact, the founder of Environmental Tillage Systems is a farmer who designed and built the first SoilWarrior because he didn’t like what was available on the market.

The SoilWarrior isn’t only tough, it’s also versatile and unlike many strip-till units that have to be pieced together, the SoilWarrior is a complete package. The row units, tool bar, fertilizer tanks, and precision technology work together in a variety of ways to help you protect the soil and increase efficiency.

To show you what we mean, let’s take a look at how the SoilWarrior is built - starting with the row units and toolbar.

In strip-tillage it all starts with the row units. Both our SoilWarrior® X and N perform deep and shallow vertical tillage, seedbed preparation, and easily convert for many different uses. 

The X is the foundation of our business and what sets us apart from the competition because it does not use a shank/knife. It cuts through corn residue with ease and won’t plug.


X row unit in XD position

XD stands for the configuration for deep tillage. Its foundation is a large 30-inch diameter cog wheel with replaceable iron tillage bits, which fractures the soil up to 12 inches. Following the cog, are two 25-inch serrated coulters that contain the soil in the strip. These coulters are the largest in the industry and can be adjusted for width, position, and angle. Removable gauge wheels help provide depth control.

XS stands for the configuration for shallow tillage. To convert to this configuration, just remove the deep cog and attach two 20-inch wavy coulters in its place. The coulters provide 2-5 inches of vertical tillage, which is perfect for aerating the soil and creating an even, elevated berm. This configuration also promotes rapid germination and early root development.

Just like the X, our N row unit is a versatile choice. The wavy coulter churns the soil up to 6 inches (deep tillage) or 2 to 5 inches (shallow tillage). Attach the shank/knife to increase your tillage depth up to a total of 9 inches or use it to apply subsurface NH3. The 25-inch serrated coulters ensure soil is contained and nutrients are sealed in the zone. 


N Row Unit with shank/knife and zone cleaner

The N also includes the options to add zone cleaners for assistance in clearing residue from the row at high speeds, *side-dress with liquid or dry fertilizer by shifting all row units on the toolbar, or attach a second wavy coulter to perform twin tillage if you're a grower who does twin row planting.



N with twin tillage option 

And the features don't stop there.

All row units are constructed with rugged parallel linkage, which allows up to 19 inches of vertical travel to easily roll over rocks and other obstacles. The heavy-duty air spring design allows for on-the-go adjustments from the cab to match field conditions. Oil bath hubs are also a standard at ETS. The unique seal and tapered roller bearings are bathed in oil for extended use. No daily greasing means you get into the field faster during critical times of the year. We also offer different coulter sizes to match sandy, tight clay, and gumbo soils.

But selecting a row unit is simply the first step in creating your hitch-pin ready system. 

Next, we hang our row units on the toughest toolbar in the industry. Don’t believe us? Ask the farmer who accidentally hit a tree while pulling his SoilWarrior. The impact killed his 500 horsepower tractor while the SoilWarrior came out unscathed. The rugged steel channel frame can be customized for your needs in widths from 15 to 60 feet and row unit spacing of 20, 22, 30 or 36 inches.

SoilWarrior XS mounted to toolbar

The row units and toolbar form the foundation on which the rest of the system is built. They're the toughest in the market, but that's because the SoilWarrior has to be ready to take on any challenge. After all, helping you protect and defend the land isn't for the faint of heart.

In out next post we'll explore cart assemblies and fertilizer systems. Can't wait? Check out our equipment pages or download our e-book to learn more about the SoilWarrior and Zone Tillage.

Zone Tillage and SoilWarrior ebook

 * Not available with all toolbar models.

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