Down to 20″.

Up to 16 Rows.

Parallel linkage with 18″ of vertical travel allows cog wheel and coulter design to climb over obstacles. (No need for shear pins or auto resets.) Heavy-duty oil bath hubs. Includes unique seals for cog wheels, coulters and gauge wheels. 30″ diameter cog wheel with 10 replaceable ductile iron tillage bits — for deep tillage. Two 2″ wavy coulters, 20″ (diameter) — for shallow tillage. 11″ diameter steel gauge wheel. Two 25″ diameter serrated containment coulters; adjustable widths/angles. 1.25″ pivot bushings with case hardened, grease relieved pivot pins. Heavy-duty air bag with 16″ of expansion.

7 x 7 x .5 steel tubing throughout. Models 2215/2220/2222: Single rigid toolbar with weight kit design (6R30, 8R30, and 12R22 configurations). Model 2520: Single folding toolbar design, 95º fold (8R30 configuration). Models 4020/4030: Double folding toolbar design (front bar: 7 x 7 x .5, rear bar: 5 x 7.5); 90º fold (8R30 and 12R30 configurations). Models 4030C/4040C: Double folding toolbar design (front bar: 7 x 7 x .5, rear bar: 5 x 7 x .5); removable wing clips; 90º fold (8/12R30 and 8/16R30 configurations).

Non-tilting long arms for 8R30 and smaller; tilting long arms for 12R30 and larger HD axles available for various row spacings (4.5″ spindle. 20,000#, 10-bolt hubs), used with dual tire options. Standard-duty axles available for various row spacings (3.375″ spindle, 12,000#, 10-bolt hub,), used with single tire options. Dual tire option (required in all dry fertilizer configurations and 12R30 and larger liquid fertilizer configurations) uses either 420/90R30 R-1 radial tire or 540/65R30 R-1 radial tire. Single tire option (optional on liquid fertilizer configurations smaller than 12R30) uses either 420/90R30 R-1 radial tire or 540/65R30 R-1 radial tire. Guidance ready implement steering available.

1500 gallon capacity liquid fertilizer poly tank and twin elliptical 300 gallon poly tanks for extra capacity. Hypro 9300 Series Pump; 115 GPM maximum.

Steerable hitch permits over 20″ of offset through centerline of tractor.

220 bu. capacity (19,000 lbs @ 90 lb product density); dual powder coated steel hoppers. Hydraulically driver blower, 2.5″ diameter delivery tubing. Individual multi-run UHMW plastic spiral fluted metering rolls. Infinite adjustable hydraulic drive. Option: Dual-rate (dual product) hydraulic drive. Option: Weightronix® scale system.

Hydraulic-driven air compressor; 6.74 – 10.10 cfm. Adjustable air regulation system; 70 psi relief valve setting. Single or dual-camera system with monitor.