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Is Your Tractor Ready for Strip-Till?

Preparing your tractor for strip-till is equally as important as the equipment that it is pulling. Environmental Tillage Systems (ETS) Precision Ag Specialist, Gavin Held, shares his checklist of the most commonly overlooked items that will prepare your tractor for a successful strip-till season.

  1. Back up data. Before updating your display, it is important to back up your current data such as AB lines or prescriptions in case something was to go wrong in the software update. Data can be backed-up to a compatible USB stick, My John Deere, SMS, or a similar platform.

  2. Update software/firmware. One of the first things to check before the start of each season is the software version of your display, globe, and controllers on your machine. Updates are available online, or by contacting your local dealership. Having the latest updates allows your device to run at top performance.Soil Warrior

  3. Renew GPS subscription. Make sure your GPS subscription is current and you have the correct RTK towers (with codes) for each of your fields. Double checking the status of your subscriptions will allow you to spend less time in your yard and more time in the field. To see if your activation is still current go to the Activation page in your globes settings.

  4. Calibrate TCM. When was the last time you calibrated your Terrain Compensation Module (TCM)? Along with updating and checking your activation for your globes, this would be a great time to perform a TCM calibration. When doing this calibration, it is best to do it on a flat piece of ground. Doing this calibration before every season can help keep pinpoint accuracy and avoid steering problems.

  5. Check machine offsets. This is also the ideal time to check your machine offsets for proper documentation and section control. Offsets can be found in your machine and implement set-up pages of your operators manual.

  6. Load prescription maps. If your prescription maps have already been generated for fall application, this would be a good time to pre-load them into your display or onto a USB stick. Also, if your operation utilizes wireless data transfer, you could send some test files to your display and back.

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