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Danny's Durable Solution to Rocky Field Conditions

Danny Beach is no stranger to the rocky conditions of western New York. Being surrounded by production agriculture his whole life, he knows that rocks can cause many costly problems. He has seen farmers year after year trying to combat the rocks in all their fields. The frustration grows as rocks are always a problem, and the solution to the problem isn’t clear. Let’s see what Danny has to say about dealing with rocky field conditions in western New York.

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Greg's Strip-Till Guidance

When talking with a grower that doesn’t practice strip-till or has never heard of the SoilWarrior, I often remind myself about what drew me to the SoilWarrior and put myself in their shoes.

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Solving Strip-till Dilemmas with Dave

The term strip-till may be foreign to some or the idea of changing a practice that has been done for many years on your farm can be mind-boggling. Until you can fully comprehend that strip-till is a systematic approach and not a cure-all, you may be telling yourself every reason in the book about why it won’t work on your farm.

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Tanner's Toolbox

From service to sales, Tanner Schuldt has had a wide array of experiences with the SoilWarrior. He can confidently say he has operated the SoilWarrior for many hours through different terrains and weather conditions.

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Getting to Know the Tough and Versatile SoilWarrior

On December 16, 2019 Leave a comment

Some have accused the SoilWarrior® of being built too tough. All SoilWarriors are built to withstand the rigors of farming in all types of soil and conditions. After all, isn’t that what you expect from your equipment? In fact, the founder of Environmental Tillage Systems (ETS) was a farmer who designed and built the first SoilWarrior because he didn’t like what was available on the market. He knew that there had to be a way to streamline tillage and fertilizer application while increasing his R.O.I. along with reducing down time and maintenance. 

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SoilWarrior Academy: Beyond the Zone

SoilWarrior owners know that strip-tillage is a great way to cut production costs, be more efficient with time and nutrient placement, along with building soil health. The journey to developing the right strip-till system for your farm can take a few seasons of experimentation, practice, and persistence.

We invite all SoilWarrior owners to get SoilWarrior® Certified at the all new SoilWarrior Academy on Tuesday, August 2 at Iowa Western Community College in Council Bluffs, IA. This year’s theme is Beyond the Zone. The training is aimed to help operators better understand their SoilWarrior system for more confident field operations and greater soil health.  Sessions will be led by the SoilWarrior experts at Environmental Tillage Systems.

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Earthworms & SoilWarrior: Heroes of Soil Health

Soil Health & Farm Productivity

Consider the amazing ways earthworms contribute to soil health and farm productivity. Their activity in the soil offers many benefits including increased nutrient availability, better drainage, and a more stable soil structure, all of which help improve farm productivity.

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Spending Less on Strip-Tillage Equipment Can End up Costing More

Mike Verdonck isn’t shy about calling his SoilWarrior “the best machine on my farm.” But he did take a bit of a scenic route before making that discovery.

Verdonck farms with his brother-in-law close to the St. Lawrence River south of Montreal, Quebec in Canada. He farms about 2,500 acres, growing corn, soybeans, wheat, and some canning crops. He’s also started including cover crops.

Several years ago, Verdonck began doing some no-till, but because of the heavy clay soils and cool temperatures he had to contend with, yields weren’t up to par. He then looked into strip-tillage and decided to experiment. He did what many farmers do—he improvised, converting an old field cultivator into a strip-till machine. Verdonck says it worked well on dry soils, but struggled in wet ground and in areas with heavy corn stalks.

He then bought a strip-till machine but wasn’t entirely happy with the results. All along “I kept hearing about this SoilWarrior,” Verdonck says.

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Iowa Farmer Researches Economic Advantages of Strip-Till

Nathan Legler is a farmer who is not afraid to think differently. Where most people see problems, he sees opportunities to gain new experiences.

“I was taught that if I noticed something missing, I should look for a solution,” explains Legler who is the fifth generation on both sides of his family to farm in north central Iowa. Though he came from a small community, he certainly is not afraid to think big.

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Conservation Tillage and SoilWarrior Yield Results for Ontario Farmers

Harvest is more than just a time for hard work, it's also an opportunity to be thankful for the blessings in our lives. We have a lot to be grateful for at ETS. At the top of the list are our customers who are defending the land and leading the charge. We'd like to introduce you to a few of them. Today we're in Ontario with Scott Cantelon.

Scott Cantelon and his father Wayne are no strangers to zone tillage. The duo has used the practice on their midwestern Ontario farm for about two decades, raising corn, soybeans, edible beans, and wheat near Seaforth, Ontario. 

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