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What's there to know about the SWICM?

The SoilWarrior ISOBUS Control Module, or SWICM for short, is beneficial to strip-tillage because it is a key factor in two  of the 4R’s, which are Right Rate and Right Place. With a properly calibrated machine, a grower can apply up to five different products at their Right Rate. In combination with a tractor’s GPS, display, and prescription maps, the SWICM is capable of variable rating multiple products at the Right Rate and in the Right Place. Along with the rate controlling capabilities, the SWICM has built-in features that reduce the number of components installed in the cab, creating less cab clutter for a better operating experience.

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Partnership to Bring Savings on TerraNu Technology and SoilWarrior Systems to Ag Retailers

Madison, Wis. (January, 8, 2019)—Midwestern BioAg (MBA), a leader in cutting-edge fertilizer technology and soil health, and Environmental Tillage Systems (ETS), developer of the SoilWarrior — the only complete strip-till unit on the market, have partnered to launch a rebate savings program for Ag Retailers.

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ZoneNinja, The Newest Innovation From the Creators of the SoilWarrior

Environmental Tillage Systems (ETS), the creator of the SoilWarrior, announces the launch of the all new ZoneNinjaTM, a dual-purpose tool that can freshen zones one day and convert to side-dress the next - the ultimate combination in one piece of proven, field-tested equipment. It features the new ZoneFreshenerTM row units mounted on a new 3-point toolbar.

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Study Shows Significant Yield Boost in No-Till & Strip-Till Corn

With the continued debate of tillage versus more conservational-minded practices, farmers have traditionally been stuck trying to make decisions between their yield quality and land management practices. But what if it’s possible for farmers to have both? According to a study conducted by Purdue University, this rationale may just be achievable.

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Iowa Farmer Researches Economic Advantages of Strip-Till

Nathan Legler is a farmer who is not afraid to think differently. Where most people see problems, he sees opportunities to gain new experiences.

“I was taught that if I noticed something missing, I should look for a solution,” explains Legler who is the fifth generation on both sides of his family to farm in north central Iowa. Though he came from a small community, he certainly is not afraid to think big.

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Creating a Nutrient Placement Plan for Better Crops and Stewardship

Crops need nutrients but just getting those nutrients in the soil isn’t enough. That’s why agronomists like Peter Johnson believe precise delivery of fertilizer is the best way to combine productivity and stewardship.

An agronomist for RealAgriculture, Johnson has devoted his life to agriculture. Having spent 30 years as an extension agronomy specialist in Ontario, he’s also learned many things about helping farmers make good choices for crop production and environmental stewardship.  

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Central Farm Services Offers Precision Zone Tillage to Growers

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ETS Partners with 4R Nutrient Stewardship Program

SoilWarrior® Helps Farmers Achieve Results with Precision Nutrient Placement

Environmental Tillage Systems, Inc. (ETS) is proud to announce our partnership with the 4R Nutrient Stewardship program. 

The 4R philosophy is an innovative and science-based approach that offers enhanced environmental protection, increased production, increased farmer profitability, and improved sustainability. Years of research and agricultural practice have been devoted to finding ways to manage nutrients by examining the role of source, rate, time, and place. This research has resulted in the concept of using the 4 Rs: right fertilizer source, at the right rate, at the right time, with the right placement.

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Putting Fertilizer in its Place

Ben Pederson shares his insight in how he discovered the right recipe for fertilizer placement with the SoilWarrior system.

Way back before I implemented the practice of strip-till on my farm, I would day dream of the perfect system. If I could get over the hurdles of my father’s objections, potential landlord issues, the cost of another piece of equipment, and a few others, how would I do it if I had my choice?  Every aspect ran through my head.  I even typed out four pages of a program detailing each aspect from equipment width, to controlled traffic, to nitrogen programs. 

Nutrient placement was a topic that really interested me. I knew it had to be more effective to place fertilizer in a concentrated manner right below the crop row. But what was the best system for placement? There were several choices in the marketplace. Some used a shank and a mole knife. Some used coulters to lightly till a strip. And of course the SoilWarrior used something I had never seen before called a cog wheel.

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The HoneyWarrior: A Premier Manure Application System

On February 12, 2015 Leave a comment

Like everything we build at ETS, our HoneyWarrior was born through a love for the land, a desire for progress, and a drive for precise nutrient application. In this case the nutrient taking center stage is good, old-fashioned manure.

The HoneyWarrior got its start in 2006 when ETS founder and farmer, Mark Bauer, wanted to utilize hog manure in his strip-till operation. Bauer had previously designed and patented the innovative SoilWarrior X row unit, which was the first of its kind to provide coulter-only vertical tillage. Eventually, the SoilWarrior grew into a complete strip-till system that included the capability to apply dry and liquid fertilizer. 

The last piece of the puzzle was making the system work for farmers who wanted to apply liquid manure.

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