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Wylie & Son, Inc. Now Offering SoilWarrior

On November 21, 2017 Leave a comment

Environmental Tillage Systems (ETS) announces that Wylie & Son, Inc. will now be selling and supporting the SoilWarrior® brand in the Texas panhandle. Wylie will sell and support SoilWarrior zone tillage and nutrient application equipment from their Amarillo, TX location. This new partnership allows ETS to expand their sales efforts and reach a growing strip-tillage market.

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ETS Welcomes Casey Bishman, Supply Chain Manager

On November 07, 2017 Leave a comment

Casey Bishman has joined the Environmental Tillage Systems (ETS) team as Supply Chain Manager. Casey will ensure that sufficient raw materials and other necessary items are procured and ready to create ETS premier tillage equipment.

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ZoneNinja, The Newest Innovation From the Creators of the SoilWarrior

Environmental Tillage Systems (ETS), the creator of the SoilWarrior, announces the launch of the all new ZoneNinjaTM, a dual-purpose tool that can freshen zones one day and convert to side-dress the next - the ultimate combination in one piece of proven, field-tested equipment. It features the new ZoneFreshenerTM row units mounted on a new 3-point toolbar.

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Precision Ag Internship - Gavin Held

On September 27, 2017 Leave a comment

At the beginning of summer, we met Gavin Held, a rising senior at South Dakota State University pursing an Ag Systems Technologies degree with a Precision Agriculture minor.

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Engineering Internship Experience-Thaddeus Stasney

On September 13, 2017 Leave a comment

Thaddeus Stasney dedicated his summer to Environmental Tillage Systems (ETS) Engineering Department. During his time at ETS he gained knowledge and experiences that will help him in his future engineering profession upon graduation in spring of 2018 from St. Cloud State University. Learn more about his internship experience through the following Q&A.

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ETS Partners with Raven to Offer New Rate Controller

The SoilWarrior ISOBUS Control Module Powered by Raven

Environmental Tillage Systems (ETS) launches a new precision agriculture product in partnership with Raven Industries, headquartered in Sioux Falls, SD. The new SoilWarrior ISOBUS Control Module powered by Raven, the next generation in precision application rate control, allows farmers to easily connect any brand of tractor with their SoilWarrior strip-tillage and nutrient application system.

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The Easiest Way to Switch to Strip-Till

The word change can be scary. Change in the farming community can often cause sleepless nights and great stress. Making adjustments to your farming operation takes months of careful consideration and research. After all, the average farmer only has the opportunity to plant and harvest a crop fifty times during their lifetime. One wrong decision could impact an operation for years to come.

Switching to strip-till can be one of those mindful changes. Many farmers view switching to strip-till as a lifestyle change. It may mean investing in a new guidance system, managing equipment differently, understanding a new way to apply fertilizer, and learning how to run a different type of equipment.

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Spencer Grimm, ETS Design Engineer

ETS welcomes Spencer Grimm to the engineering department. In his role as a design engineer Spencer will continue to ensure the integrity of ETS products along with contributing to new product design.  

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Meet the 2017 Interns

Environmental Tillage System (ETS) is thrilled to have not one but two summer interns. Summer internships are an opportunity to for young people to gain hands-on experience in their field of study. ETS understands the importance of providing a valuable experience for interns.  

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ETS Welcomes Andrew Geraets, Service Technician

Environmental Tillage Systems (ETS) is eager to have Andrew Geraets a part of the team as a Service Technician. Andrew will be supporting SoilWarrior clients in his home state of South Dakota and the surrounding states. Excellent customer service is priority for ETS, and Andrew will do a great job of putting our customers first. 

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