Meet the 2017 Interns

May 24, 2017

Environmental Tillage System (ETS) is thrilled to have not one but two summer interns. Summer internships are an opportunity to for young people to gain hands-on experience in their field of study. ETS understands the importance of providing a valuable experience for interns.  

Scott Opsahl, ETS Senior Design Engineer, explains the internship program, “Our internship program encourages the student to explore an aspect of their education that they want to learn more about. This helps them build their skills and make connections along with providing them a real-world job experience.” Scott also discusses the value that interns bring to ETS, “They bring fresh ideas and an eagerness to contribute, which strengthens our passion for what we do and the success of the company.”

Our 2017 summer interns, Gavin Held and Thaddeus Stasney, don't see summer time as a break from their learning experiences, rather as an opportunity to expand their knowledge outside of the classroom setting. Gavin, Precision Ag Intern, and Thaddeus, Engineer Intern, both will be seniors at their respective universities this fall. See how they found ETS and what they are excited for this summer. 

Q: Tell us about yourselves.

T: I grew up in the country outside of Montgomery, MN. I am currently enrolled at St. Cloud State University where I will graduate with a BS in Mechanical Engineering in the spring of 2018. I am the team leader for the Engine/Drivetrain Team for Husky Formula Racing. As a club at SCSU, it is dedicated to designing and manufacturing a formula racecar.

Thaddeus Stasney- ETS Engineer Intern 2017 SoilWarrior Strip-Till

G: I am from Waconia, MN and currently a junior at South Dakota State University pursing an Ag Systems Technologies degree with a Precision Agriculture minor. I like to hunt, fish, woodwork, and do pretty much anything outdoors.

 Q: What attracted you to the internship at ETS?

T: I was attracted to this job because I have always been interested in the agriculture industry. I knew it was a perfect fit for me.

G: The thing that attracted me to ETS is the ability to not only grow my knowledge in precision ag, but also make an impact in the agriculture industry with the SoilWarrior.

Q: What are you excited about this summer? 

T: I am very excited about what I will learn this summer. It is a completely different feeling working in the industry rather than in the classroom, and I believe it is important to get a taste of that to get me ready for a job in the future. I hope to learn different methods of design as well as the steps taken to achieve those goals.  

Gavin Held- ETS Precision Ag Intern 2017  SoilWarrior Strip-Till

G: I am excited to be able to work with the SoilWarrior machine as well as meet the individuals that operate them in the fields.

 Q: What is your dream job? 

 G: My dream job would be to work in the precision ag field around equipment just as ETS does.

T: My dream job is to be employed at the Toro Company. I have lots of family members that work at the Shakopee, MN plant including my grandfather who has worked there for 36+ years and my father who is currently employed there.

As the summer progresses, we will check in with Gavin and Thaddeus for updates on their summer projects.


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