Engineering Internship Experience-Thaddeus Stasney

September 13, 2017

Thaddeus Stasney dedicated his summer to Environmental Tillage Systems (ETS) Engineering Department. During his time at ETS he gained knowledge and experiences that will help him in his future engineering profession upon graduation in spring of 2018 from St. Cloud State University. Learn more about his internship experience through the following Q&A.

Q: Tell me about your internship project(s).
A: I had five major projects that I worked on throughout the summer. 

Enviromental Tillage Systems Soil Warrior

My first project was a GPS/light bracket design for the new build liquid machines. Next, I worked on an NH3 tail light replacement. I was given this job because our supplier no longer carries the lights we use. Then, I was given the job of testing the air compressor on the SoilWarrior. It was fun to work on such a detailed project, and it is great to know my results will increase productivity for ETS and our customers. My last project included creating ETS drafting standards. I made a question and answer based document that will help anyone at ETS find the drafting standards.

Environmental Tillage Systems Soil WarriorQ: What was the highlight of your internship?
A: The highlight of my internship was traveling with the engineering department to visit JTV Manufacturing and Kooima Company. Both companies gave us tours of their facilities, where I noticed quite a few differences between the two companies, even though they are in the same industry.

Q: What new skills and knowledge did you gain through your internship?
A: Through interactions with customers, coworkers, and other businesses my communication skills have skyrocketed. I have also learned a lot about R&D processes as well as working individually and in a group on projects.  

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